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Table Tennis Questions

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Question Title Category Last Updated
How to do Yoshimura serve Serving 23 hours ago
About a lacquer Equipment 1 day ago
Grip adjustment Strokes and Technique 2 days ago
Grip Change Strokes and Technique 2 days ago
Footwork Strokes and Technique 2 days ago
Pingpong table material Equipment 2 days ago
Brave while receiving the ball to return Strokes and Technique 3 days ago
Receiving position Strokes and Technique 3 days ago
Defensive bat Equipment 4 days ago
Middle ball position Strokes and Technique 4 days ago
How to return the serves Service Return 4 days ago
One more set up question Equipment 5 days ago
Best defensive blade Equipment 6 days ago
Backhand rubber Thickness Equipment 6 days ago
Same opponent but different outcomes Match Strategy 1 week ago
Penhold Table Tennis Bat Equipment 1 week ago
Best combo for first custom bat Equipment 1 week ago
Unique rubber combination Equipment 1 week ago
New carbon blade Equipment 1 week ago
Best defenders to watch Discussion 1 week ago
Don’t have a table at home Training and Drills 1 week ago
Serving returning automatically Rules 1 week ago
Serve Fault Rules 2 weeks ago
Ball coming at you Strokes and Technique 2 weeks ago
Returning smash in small area Match Strategy 2 weeks ago
Wiggly Wobbly Shot Strokes and Technique 2 weeks ago
Encouraging people to join table tennis Discussion 2 weeks ago
Rubber blade combination Equipment 2 weeks ago
Rackets I like are too heavy Equipment 2 weeks ago
PingSkills vault Website 2 weeks ago
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