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Table Tennis Questions

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Question Title Category Last Updated
Fan behaviour Discussion 1 day ago
Should I try chopping Match Strategy 1 day ago
Hitting the edge of the racket Strokes and Technique 1 day ago
Playing style and strategy Match Strategy 1 day ago
Short pimple disadvantage Equipment 1 day ago
Serve spin Serving 1 day ago
Effect of short pimples Match Strategy 1 day ago
Dawn of improvement Discussion 2 days ago
Developing topspin Training and Drills 2 days ago
Power strokes Strokes and Technique 2 days ago
Masters of different types of rubbers Equipment 2 days ago
Rubber Equipment 2 days ago
cleaning your bat General 4 days ago
How not to panic in the game Training and Drills 5 days ago
Backhand serve Serving 5 days ago
New rule Rules 5 days ago
Slow push Strokes and Technique 6 days ago
Receiving spin serves Service Return 6 days ago
Chopping grip Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Need partners to play table tennis in Delhi Discussion 1 week ago
Spinned ball's rotation when it hits the net Discussion 1 week ago
Short slow serve Serving 1 week ago
Reading service spin in the past Service Return 1 week ago
Defense against strong attacker Match Strategy 1 week ago
First person to use a non inverted rubbber Equipment 1 week ago
Residual glue on rubber Equipment 1 week ago
Serve Selection Match Strategy 1 week ago
Racket retaining in 2019 Panamerican games Rules 1 week ago
Opponent good at placing the ball Match Strategy 1 week ago
Returning very fast and long serves Service Return 1 week ago
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