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Table Tennis Questions

Here are our most recently updated table tennis questions. If you can't find what you're looking for then you can ask your own question.

Question Title Category Last Updated
Psychology question to other sports and tennis Mental Preparation 2 hours ago
Footwork Footwork 5 hours ago
Bat choice Equipment 5 hours ago
Which rubber is good on the backhand Equipment 5 hours ago
Forehand Topspin Sidespin Strokes and Technique 9 hours ago
Movement Topspin and Drive Strokes and Technique 2 days ago
The colour of the ball Equipment 4 days ago
Forehand topspin Strokes and Technique 4 days ago
Advises - Wrong movement Website 4 days ago
How to beat a pusher Match Strategy 4 days ago
How to practice alone Training and Drills 5 days ago
Why was frictionless long pimple banned Equipment 5 days ago
Your custom racket with Mark V rubber Equipment 6 days ago
Where can I play at a tournament Discussion 6 days ago
Old videos quality Website 1 week ago
Long pimples Match Strategy 1 week ago
What’s my style Match Strategy 1 week ago
Returning backspin away from body Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Grip Tightening Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Proper stance while doing serve Serving 1 week ago
How tight or loose should i grip the bat Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Pushing short/drop shot Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Opening up a rally Match Strategy 1 week ago
Rules of a double hit Rules 1 week ago
Beat a blocking opponent Match Strategy 1 week ago
Smashing lower balls Strokes and Technique 1 week ago
Re-gluing rubbers Equipment 2 weeks ago
Placing your rubber onto the blade when it is already cut Equipment 2 weeks ago
My rubber shrunk Equipment 2 weeks ago
Return serves Strokes and Technique 2 weeks ago
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