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 Question TitleCategoryLast Updated
 Unfinished gameDiscussion23-Mar-2017 06:11
 Difference between forehand drive and loop/tospinStrokes & Technique23-Mar-2017 06:06
 Need partners to play table tennis in DelhiDiscussion23-Mar-2017 02:14
 Defensive pimples for Tabletennis11 competitionWebsite22-Mar-2017 15:06
 Backhand counterhitStrokes & Technique22-Mar-2017 06:56
 Racket touching the tableRules21-Mar-2017 19:06
 Small bats for practiceTraining & Drills21-Mar-2017 02:48
 Racket and free hand rulesRules20-Mar-2017 15:45
 Choosing service tactics to suit my gameMatch Strategy20-Mar-2017 13:50
 Different play in training and tournamentTraining & Drills20-Mar-2017 10:41
 Playing close to tableMatch Strategy20-Mar-2017 10:32
 Backhand CounterhitStrokes & Technique20-Mar-2017 07:09
 Starting at 16Training & Drills20-Mar-2017 05:57
 Footwork Footwork18-Mar-2017 15:14
 Player's data for coachesMatch Strategy18-Mar-2017 14:53
 Doing and returning topspinStrokes & Technique18-Mar-2017 14:49
 Looking at the ballStrokes & Technique18-Mar-2017 14:38
 Chopping a lobStrokes & Technique18-Mar-2017 08:36
 Can topspin change into backspin mid rallyStrokes & Technique17-Mar-2017 07:54
VTwiddling with LP Ox and InvertedMatch Strategy17-Mar-2017 05:03
 Mindset playing the ballMental Preparation16-Mar-2017 05:45
 Playing Against A Rare StyleMatch Strategy15-Mar-2017 18:08
 First time coaching a youth teamDiscussion15-Mar-2017 10:33
 Knock out positions after 1st stage of leagueRules14-Mar-2017 10:54
 Different Types of Bat RubberEquipment13-Mar-2017 20:53


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