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 Question TitleCategoryLast Updated
 How exactly do you brush the ballStrokes & Technique23-Feb-2017 13:30
 Strategy for defenderMatch Strategy23-Feb-2017 09:41
 Third or fourth ball attack Match Strategy23-Feb-2017 08:45
SControlling my gameStrokes & Technique23-Feb-2017 03:06
SDifficulty in doing top spin Strokes & Technique22-Feb-2017 16:05
 Reading spinService Return22-Feb-2017 15:34
SWhat's going on in best of 3Mental Preparation22-Feb-2017 12:09
SPracticing basic strokes aloneStrokes & Technique22-Feb-2017 12:05
 Slice strokeStrokes & Technique22-Feb-2017 10:55
VWhat's the ideal solution on a bad day?Mental Preparation22-Feb-2017 08:46
 Reverse Penhold GripStrokes & Technique22-Feb-2017 08:25
 Dealing with low backspin balls with long pipsStrokes & Technique22-Feb-2017 08:18
 Defeating opponents with dead rubbersMatch Strategy22-Feb-2017 08:04
VSoft or Hard Grip?Strokes & Technique21-Feb-2017 08:19
 Racket and free hand rulesRules20-Feb-2017 08:30
 React fast topspin and backspin strokesStrokes & Technique20-Feb-2017 08:19
 Distance from tableDiscussion20-Feb-2017 00:24
 Topspin against long chopStrokes & Technique19-Feb-2017 09:35
 Table tennis the most baffling sport Discussion18-Feb-2017 14:16
 Backhand improvement drills Strokes & Technique18-Feb-2017 05:05
 What custom made bat should I getEquipment18-Feb-2017 05:02
 Switching to a new racketEquipment18-Feb-2017 05:01
 Shakehand grip thumb role Strokes & Technique18-Feb-2017 04:54
 TT academy near Kamla nagar DelhiDiscussion18-Feb-2017 04:45
 Left hand and Right hand in the same gameRules17-Feb-2017 13:50


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