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 Question TitleCategoryLast Updated
 Switching to forehand Japanese penholdTraining & Drills25-Jan-2017 05:37
 Rubber suggestionEquipment25-Jan-2017 05:30
 Serving round the netRules25-Jan-2017 05:19
 Hitting the ball on the fullRules25-Jan-2017 05:17
 Training places in QatarDiscussion24-Jan-2017 05:42
 Efficacy of Reverse Pendulum ServeServing23-Jan-2017 14:11
VForehand Pivot FootworkFootwork23-Jan-2017 12:38
 Breaking the Ball on the edge of the Bat during a Rally Rules23-Jan-2017 11:55
VDefensive FootworkFootwork23-Jan-2017 05:22
 EquipmentEquipment22-Jan-2017 06:38
 Adjustment in strokeEquipment21-Jan-2017 06:39
 Forehand Topspin HelpStrokes & Technique21-Jan-2017 06:35
 Smash from a lot of distance from tableStrokes & Technique21-Jan-2017 06:21
 Swing wrist contact of the 3 type of spinsServing21-Jan-2017 06:19
 Japanese penholders forumDiscussion20-Jan-2017 11:03
SPracticing with a TT robotTraining & Drills20-Jan-2017 08:42
 Beating someone using my own styleMatch Strategy20-Jan-2017 06:05
STime Out CallingMatch Strategy20-Jan-2017 02:35
 Training in chinaTraining & Drills20-Jan-2017 02:30
 Position of the bat of the receiver during the serveRules20-Jan-2017 02:01
 Where can you stand receiving in doublesRules20-Jan-2017 01:32
 Singles service rulesRules19-Jan-2017 07:50
 Anti spinMatch Strategy19-Jan-2017 07:47
 Serve returnService Return19-Jan-2017 07:44
 Short serve to compliment aggressive deep/spinny servesMatch Strategy18-Jan-2017 10:37


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