Show #308 - Win a PingSkills T-Shirt

4 years ago

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In this episode we announce a competition around the 2018 World Team Championships. You could win one of five PingSkills T-Shirts by picking who will win the silver medal in the Mens competition. Plus we have all our usual segments. Enjoy the show.

Joke of the Week - 0:32

Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food but...

Competition - 1:35

Win a PingSkills T-Shirt

On This Day - 4:23

Jorgen Persson celebrates his birthday

Tournament Wrap - 6:52

2018 World Team Championships

Trill of the Week - 16:20

Variation of speed with topspin

Do a drill where you are topspinning to your partner while they are only blocking. Change the amount of table each player uses depending on the relative strengths of the two players. Try one game where you only play fast topspins and then play a second game where you use your variation and see if that is a better approach.

Practicing Backhand Chops - 20:00

Ayush: How I can practice my backhand chop?

Difference Between Counterhit and Topspin - 21:55

Ali: I've noticed that during the game, if I receive a fast ball on backhand, due to having less time to do the topspin, my backhand stroke is shorter, and essentially looks like a drive. How is it possible to impart top-spin even when there's no time to do the full stroke?

Rare Serve - 24:00

Waliid: What is the rarest serve that you do not often see?

Switching Sides - 26:23

Tian: I was looking all over for the answer to this, but I just can't find one. When do you switch playing sides of the table with your opponent? 

Video Translations - 28:40

Shalibu: I am from indonesia .. very happy with pingskills but i do not understand english whether it can be translated to indonesian thank you

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