Show #303 - Training Plans

6 years ago

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This week we talk about training plans. We've created a new training plan for beginners or those wishing to teach beginners. This is a good stepping stone to our 52 week training plan, which we answer a question about during the show. Plus we have all the regular segments so sit back and enjoy!

Joke of the Week - 0:35

A husband brings their child home from daycare and ....

On This Week - 1:55

Zhang Jike, Ruwen Filus, Jimmy Butler, and Adam Bobrow all have birthdays.

Tournament Wrap - 5:51

World Junior Circuit Finals

Tip and Drill of the Week - 9:32

Improving your return of the short ball

52 Week Training Plan - 15:35

Matthew: I have been training for about a month now and I have learnt the forehand counterhit, the backhand counterhit, the backhand push, the forehand push and the forehand topspin against block. I can do around 100 of these usually. I am thinking about becoming a premium member and using the 52 week training plan. Do you think I am ready to start using the plan? How many times should I try to practice a week? If I do become a premium member, after the 52 weeks should I repeat the plan or do something else?

Serve to the Body - 22:17

Felix: Sometimes my opponent serves fast and long towards me. The ball always goes into the net. What can I do to deal with this kind of serves?

Practising Pendulum Serve - 24:37

Owen: How do you recommend practicing the pendulum serve and what spin is generally the most effective for it?

Practising on Small Table - 27:45

Ili: I'd love to know, will be any problems if we play table tennis on one table (2-3 feet long) as we are short of space.

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