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Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis Asked 10 years ago

Dear Alois and Jeff,
I am watching the World Tour Finals at the moment on ITTF TV. They are being held in England, a country that has very little impact on Table Tennis around the world. Do you think this is right? These are the worlds best players, playing in front of very poor crowds. Do you think this is right? Should tournaments like these be held in China, Germany, Korea, Sweden, who have impacted on Table Tennis, which will probably result in more knowledgeable and large crowds? I have mixed views. I think it is good to take Table Tennis around the world, but is it fair on these top players having to play in empty arenas? You wouldn't play the AFL grand final in Scotland would you? 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Simon,

Interesting.  I guess the game needs to be shown around the world.  With the Olympics in England next year it is probably a good chance for everyone to get familiar with things.

Don't forget the game was started in England... 

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