Why are my topspins hitting the top of the net

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Nagaraj Hegde

Nagaraj Hegde Asked 8 years ago

Hi, Alois.

I am currently working on my forehand topspin. I am not bad at it. I get most of the topspins on the table. i start around at my thigh level and finish up around above head level.(I have seen your video on forehand topspin). What sometimes happens is, my topspin hits the top of the net and sails across the table. I get very much frustrated. If this starts happening, it will continue for a long time. Can u advice me about this? 

And also, 

After i get it right, i just wanted to know if the forehand sidespin topspin is really useful. If i can just keep using my plain topspin, or do i need to learn the sidespin/topspin?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Nagaraj,

It may be that you are not getting enough of a brushing action on the topspin.  The topspin shouldn’t go close to the net because the topspin will allow you to go higher and still drag the ball down onto the table.  Does your bat have enough grip on it?

The sidespin topspin is definitely not a necessary stroke to learn.  It is just something that you can experiment with and add a bit of variety later.

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Nagaraj Hegde

Nagaraj Hegde Posted 8 years ago

Yes, i think I am having a brushing contact, but i need to brush it harder. my bat has got enough grip on it i think, coz when i move my fingers around the rubber, it gives me a grippy feeling rather than a smooth dead bat. i hit the top of the net when i hit a topspin on chops. I am good at topspin against block. I just need to work on it. Thanks Alois.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

OK, and maybe get the swing a little more vertical as well to help with the lift against backspin.

Daniel Bibeau

Daniel Bibeau Posted 8 years ago

Hello Nagaraj, I feel your pain.  My biggest frustration is when I'm not hitting my topspin well vs. choppers - this can totally derail my entire game... and I'm sure you probably do as I do after continually hitting the top of the net - over compensate by trying to kill the ball with some messed up form resulting in shots going 5 feet off the tale... lol arggghh 

If I can add my advice (my coaches advice actually - which almost always rectifies the problem during training sessions) - I don't know if you are doing this or not but if not try concentrating on swift acceleration upon contact point with the ball.  You should never try to kill the ball - as in all other sports (golf, baseball, soccer etc... it's not the strongest person who hits the ball the fastest or furthest but the swiftest, most balanced and controlled).  My coach is always yelling 힘빼고 ... 발으다 which roughly means less power (or strength which causes your form to be tighter and slower)   more speed and swiftest... especially on contact point with the ball - similar to a martial artist like taekwondo or karate... the power of their strikes come from technique (form) but the real secret is that sudden burst of massive acceleration upon contacting their target.  

I hope this helps you out a little as I'm hoping writing this down will help me remember to concentrate and apply this advice my coach keeps trying to drill into me while I'm playing.

Let me know how that works out for you and thank you for bringing this question into the forum - it's my biggest frustration as well so I'm hoping we can both benefit from Alois' wisdom and continue to improve.  Also, if you find something (a key) that helps you overcome this stroke please share with me, I'd love to try anything out and learn more.


Nagaraj Hegde

Nagaraj Hegde Posted 8 years ago

Thanks Daniel. for your advice. ill keep that in mind. Today while playing i realized that if i can slow down the action a bit, and focus on brushing, i can get the topspin right. But the problem lies ahead. my opponent is quite advanced. he will strongly use a counter topspin on my slow-spiny topspin. And again, I think i need a lot of practice. Thnx guys. for being supportive.

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