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Thomas McCann

Thomas McCann Asked 11 years ago

When knocking up a lot of people I play against loop every single ball meaning I dont get a good warmup. Even when I say can i loop some they slow things only slightly. What can i do?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Thomas,

There is no written rule about this.  The usual etiquette is that you will play a few forehands first at slow pace then each player will have a few turns at topspin while the other blocks.

The process is repeated on the backhand side.

Apart from asking them repeatedly, I don't have a solution.  Perhaps other may be able to help with this discussion.  Is it something that a lot of players encounter? 

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Douglas Hill

Douglas Hill Posted 11 years ago

A number of players in the clubs I play in regard warm up as competitive. It seems to be a basic orientation and I don't know anything to do about it. I try to begin the evening's play with someone else.

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