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syaiful izwan

syaiful izwan Asked 11 years ago

hello coach..

I'm a beginner and had some difficult time for returning some side spin. when I close my paddle to counter the spin, sometime the ball just end up at the net or just flown off the table if I put a little push to it.. my last resort is using antispin rubber, but its kind awkward when returning topspin or backspin...

FYI the serve is not fast, sometime it just bounce off medium high on the table, but the side spin is really craaazyyy...

sorry for my poor grammar=D

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Syaiful,

This is a common problem.  Coping with sidespin serves is one of the most difficult parts of Table Tennis.

You need to think about using your bat like a rudder and steering the ball back onto the table.

If you can get a copy of Receiving Secrets Revealed DVD.  This will explain in detail the principles of returning serves.

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Bram Berg

Bram Berg Posted 11 years ago

Just to start with; it might help, if you keep your bad open like a wall and when the ball hits the paddle you push the bad gently forward, towards the net. (presuming you use 'normal rubber')

And at fist you just watch the ball wich side its going to. And when you find that out try to angle the bad to were the ball was going to earlier.

Later on, I would sugest you make a topspin attack when the opponent serves with sidespin.

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