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dhanbir sanasam

dhanbir sanasam Asked 7 years ago

Hi Coach

I have been watching your video lessons and learned most of the technique. But i have few questions

1. How should i face a heavy  under spin reply at a height of face level from my opponent? My intention is i want to return the ball with Heavy forhand to spin.

2. what will be the  footwork and Body movement for forhand  topspin by changing my position from the middle position to back hand corner? 

With regards


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Dhanbir,

1. This can be an awkward shot. The best thing is to be able to play a strong forehand topspin.  It is important though that you make sure you still lift the ball a little because of the backspin.  If you hit the ball flat it will dive into the net.

2. For the Forehand from the backhand corner you need to move sideways with a shuffling step like with most other movements in Table Tennis.  Use the shuffle footwork we show you in our lesson on the Footwork Basics.  To move from the middle to the backhand corner you need to do the sideways movement and allow yourself plenty of space to play your next stroke.

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