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Moises Moises

Moises Moises Asked 4 months ago

Hey coach, How can I vary the spin for topspin and how do you serve the topspin, Topspin and sidespin. Can you make a video if you can?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 months ago

Hi Moises,

To vary the topspin on your stroke, you can hit the ball with various parts of the bat.  If you hit the ball closer to the top of yoru racket you will generate more spin.  If you hit it more in the middle or lower part of the bat then you will get less spin.  You can also vary the contact by hitting the ball flatter or finer to vary the spin on the ball.

If you are thinking about topspin and sidespin on the serves then think about the contact point on the ball.  If you contact the top of the ball or brush up the back of the ball you will generate pure topspin.  If you then brush the ball more on the top right or top left then you will start to get some sidespin as well.

In our Must Learn Serves section we show you different serves and different types of spin that you can get with these serves.


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