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thomas mcnamara

thomas mcnamara Asked 6 months ago

Hi Coach. I'm not clear about how we need to adjust our topspin shots against block, underspin, and counterspin.  I know with backspin it's a good idea to get extra topspin. Do we basically hit flatter topspin again block and counter spin and keep our upper body lower? Is it similar adaptations  for forehand and backhand topspins? Thanks.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 months ago

Hi Thomas,

The main idea I like to think about is the different angle of your swing.  Against a heavier backspin ball your stroke becomes more vertical.  Against a block or topspin ball your stroke becomes more horizontal.

The same principles apply for forehand and backhand.

Take a look at this tutorial on Topspin Against Various Spins and Lengths.


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