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Haseeb Ansar

Haseeb Ansar Asked 3 years ago

Hello Sir 

I wanna ask you for a problem that i m facing now a days in my game i am a right handed attacking type of player but i am having problem in executing my third ball attack its not an issue in past but now whenever i serve to my opponent now a days he returned it by chopping it the balls height is so low that i cant differentiate either the return is with under spin or its a floater due to which my forehand attack isn't as good as it was before i tried to make a loop but the ball goes straight out of the table Tell me that how can i feel the difference between floater return and underspin return so that i can attack the ball in  good manner and also tell me the racket angle for attacking both balls.

Note If theres any serve i can try on my opponent then do tell me he is a right handed player too.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Haseeb,

Recognising spin takes  long time and a lot of experience. 

Some things that will give you a clue are the contact on their bat and the flight of the ball.

If you take a look through the section on Introduction to Receiving you will find a lot of tips in there to help you with this area of your game.  The principle of returning serve and reading spin are linked.

As far as a good serve, there are plenty of options.  Take a look at out section on Must Learn Serves.



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