Should I Smash with Spin?

Table Tennis Strokes and Technique

Last updated 11 years ago

Edwin Lawisan

Edwin Lawisan Asked 11 years ago

Coach, is there any other ways of smashing? Can we apply some spin on it? Playing against defensive player who uses lob and chop often has the difficulties in smash, with the normal way of smash which depends power is hard, because opponent often run to chase the ball.


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 11 years ago

Hi Edwin,

You can smash the ball with sidespin but it adds more risk to your stroke. I prefer to see players using the traditional smash as you should normally win the point with this stroke without taking unnecessary risks.

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Thoughts on this question

Edwin Lawisan

Edwin Lawisan Posted 11 years ago

How to do it? The ball returned by lob is high and I don't know how to smash with sidespin ...

Wayne Sy

Wayne Sy Posted 11 years ago

One of the members in the club I'm playing in told us to wait the ball to go down eye level then smash the ball

Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar Posted 11 years ago

or else you can try smashing with a jump, which most top players do

mat huang

mat huang Posted 11 years ago

MOst people topspin it because it is generally harder to return. Of couse, you dont need an awful amount of spin

Jerome Babiera

Jerome Babiera Posted 11 years ago

you can also use a ''dropshot''

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