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Parakram Basnet

Parakram Basnet Asked 9 years ago

Hi coach,

I can't counter all kinds of spinning services. How can I counter fast spinning serves especially granted by a left hander? Please help me.

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Parakram,

The key to returning serve is to recognise the spin that has been imparted on the ball. You need to watch the servers bat very closely as it contacts the ball. The direction of the bat will tell you what spin is on the ball.

As a basic guide, if they come down on the ball or underneath the ball it will have backspin. If they come up the back of the ball or over the top of the ball it will have topspin. If they come around the side of the ball it will have sidespin.

It really is a matter of receiving as many serves as you can and really watching closely how the ball reacts off your bat if you miss the return. This will give you good feedback on how you need to adjust your bat then next time you face that serve.

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Parakram Basnet

Parakram Basnet Posted 9 years ago

Wow thanks a lot Jeff, I am sure that with your info, I will improve a ton. 


signed parakram



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