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Yap Zhi De

Yap Zhi De Asked 6 years ago

Hi Alois

          I have seen your "playing as a chopper" video and it is very informative. You have talked about the variation of spin, placement and also service and receiving. Unfortunately, I am not a chopper, I'm an attacker. You have recommended me to watch the "Attack First" video but it is not as informative as the "playing as a chopper" video. It only say that I need to serve short then push short and wait for the long ball then attack, and sometimes I should push long if I know I will lose the short game. This is some great advice obviously but I am looking for more strategies.

So please make one "Playing as an attacker" video. Hopefully it is as informative if not more informative than the "Playing as a chopper" and the "Doubles strategy" videos (Should be about 10 minutes of length or longer)

Thanks, you hard work to make this long video would be greatly appreciated. Other members of Pingskills would also love this video as most of them are attackers (I assume that as not alot of people is a defender anymore) so most of them would be able to use the strategies mentioned in the video in their game. 

Note: I am not asking for a video about match strategy to beat attackers, I'm asking for a video about match strategy playing as an attacker.


Zhi De


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Yap,

I have added it to our filming list.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Thoughts on this question

Yap Zhi De

Yap Zhi De Posted 6 years ago

Hi Alois

Besides that, in order to make Pingskills better, you can also make "Playing as a blocker" and other styles of player (If there is) as well.


D K Posted 6 years ago

this would really help :D

And when we are talking about strategies,how can I beat a player who specialises in throwing a heavy top/side spin balls from the floor?

Yap Zhi De

Yap Zhi De Posted 6 years ago

Hi D K
         This video response from Alois may help you a little.


D K Posted 6 years ago

Two things
a)I am not a premium thus I can never see this video.
b)Wobbly shot is a straightly vertically launched ball.
The player I am talking about is a long range player.
He tries to do various spin variation from the floor but tries to keep the ball low if possible.
Usually he is fast enough to keep the ball around 30cm above the table.
Of course he can play a wobblyshot and he is very good at it.
But usually he uses really spin-focused loop from floor.
It seems to be meant as a way to force an opponent to attack a heavy sidespin/topspin ball.

Johan B

Johan B Posted 6 years ago

I agree. Tactics for playing as a blocker would be really nice!

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