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Marcus Hardung

Marcus Hardung Asked 8 years ago

It may sound a bit silly but the other day the youth trainers  were busy with other teams who had to play somewhere else and so it was my turn to bring the U13 team to their match .

With hindsight I was just not prepared for the situation and in a ways feel a bit guilty as a win was definetly on the cards that day-against a supposedly stronger team..

The double was an easy 2:0 match start everything seemed to go just too good and the boys just did not realise how the opponents corrected their game and adjusted to the strength and weaknesses ..and the following 3 sets and the game were lost.

I did not take any timeouts when things started to go wrong and i really should have that’s my thought at least. Giving the kids direction - to play shorter and lower …. all the stuff they should know but seemed to have forgotten.

As one of the two is my son I always feel I’m asking too much and hate myself for being too eager and making him nervous as he thinks he is letting me down  or disappointing me....So this is a two bladed sword ..any advice how to find the right balance ? 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Marcus,

Sons like you had a new interesting experience.

You have done well.  It is all a learning curve for the juniors and in this case for yourself.  Whatever they did was good.  They have that little more experience now.  It is good for them to try to think things out for themselves as well.  Losing the doubles is a good way for them to start to realise this.

It is always difficult when it is your own child, the emotions often get in the way.  The fact that you are actually thinking about it is a real positive.  It is usually the parents that can’t see what they are doing that really get things mucked up.  Sounds like you did a good job.

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Marcus Hardung

Marcus Hardung Posted 8 years ago

I actually did not think about the experience under the belt thing when it happened .A really important point ,thanks !


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