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Andre Panesa

Andre Panesa Asked 9 years ago

Hi :)

When playing forehand topspin, do you have the same angle for the bat when you focus on both spin and power (not at the same time) or when playing power close the bat and go more horizontal with my arm and forehand and spin more open and have a vertical stroke? My forehand is probably my weakest stroke (my backhand smash is better, even when I don't try ironically) I have dhs hurricane 3 rubber on my forehand if that info is needed. Thanks in advance! (And if possible, info on the finish position for both spin and power)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Andre,

The faster you want to hit the ball the more forward or horizontal your stroke can be.

So for a slower stroke start lower and finish higher.  For a fast stroke start higher and finish more forward.

The angle of the bat will also follow these guidelines.  Tilt your bat more forward for the faster stroke to brush over the top of the ball fast to generate the topspin.

Premium members could take a look at the lessons on the Slow Spinny Topspin and the Advanced Forehand Topspin.

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