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troy Unknown

troy Unknown Asked 14 years ago

gud day at pingkills....

im having trouble on returning serves, how can i determine if a serve is long or short?


how do i execute the backhand loop/topspin against backspin/chop?

thanks in advance........

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 14 years ago

Hi William,

You certainly have been busy with your table tennis. Great to see.

To determine whether a ball is long or short you need to watch the ball very carefully and return a lot of serves.

By short we are talking about the ball bouncing more than once on the receivers side.

If you can, get someone to serve a lot of balls at you and just watch them to see whether they are short or long. See how long it takes till you are guessing 100%. Then you can start receiving them and see if you can judge them correctly. Try to tpospin th elong balls and push the short balls.

You should also do this with pushing. See if you can tell if your opponent is pushing short or long. This is a useful skill to have.

To topspin a backspin or chop ball your swing needs to  be more vertical.  So start with your bat lower and bring it straight up while still maintaining a brushing contact.  This will do it for you. 

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