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Dima Shevchenko

Dima Shevchenko Asked 5 years ago

Quick question, how should I keep my offensive and aggressive play? What often happens when I play against good players is that they play with placement short, long, right and left. The hardest is when I play a fast topspin and the ball still goes short-medium and I can't really flick that ball so I give away the ball with going defensive. Another thing is that I'm sometimes scared to attack often with the backhand but also with forehand. Example, I play a short serve we play some pushes then I make a forehand loop after that my opponent makes a loop. But then I get more defensive like blocks and sometimes even chops if the opponent doesn't like that. And if it comes to my backhand I am so scared to attack. I often want to be aggressive on the backhand like Zhang Jike and Ma Long. loop after loop. My backhand isn't really fully developed in match play. I also want to stop my opponent doing side-top loop (forehand). 

Well I think this all.

This question can change alot in the tournament.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Dima,

Try to focus on playing each rally and each ball effectively.

If you are working on maintaining an aggressive strategy, then think about attacking with topspin each ball that comes long on the table to you.  Long means that it only bounces once on your side.

If you have played an aggressive shot and then it comes back short you need to be able to adapt and play that next ball defensively but still think about how you can set up the next ball to attack.

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Jean Balthazar

Jean Balthazar Posted 5 years ago

If your opponent is able to block your fast topspins short, your topspins probably land too short on their side. Try to make them longer.

Dima Shevchenko

Dima Shevchenko Posted 5 years ago

Good point!

Thanks for the advise!

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