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Ashwin Ganesh

Ashwin Ganesh Asked 7 years ago

Hello Guys , This is Ashwin from India , 20 years Old . I am an intermediate TT player and currently doing my engineering . But, my true passion lies in sports, particularly table tennis. I know that I understand the game well, I am a quick learner and my reflexes are pretty good and also I am part of the table tennis team of my university but  haven't been able to put efforts like I want to due to a lot of reasons.

Assuming , I get proper training from now on and work hard everyday, developing my shots, physique and fitness . Do you think I can still make into the top? Seeing players like Samsonov really makes me think that I can start now and still make it to the highest level.  I am not really sure why I am asking this, maybe a frustrated engineer, not very difficult to find in my country though. Thanks.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Ashwin,

It is a difficult task to reach the highest level when starting to train seriously at 20.  However, it is important that you keep working as hard as you can and just see where you can get to.  There are plenty of opportunities in Table Tennis to keep competing at a high level for many years.

The main thing is to dedicate as much time and effort as the rest of your life dictates and then see what happens.

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