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shane robinson

shane robinson Asked 4 years ago

hi guys, love your videos, I have a problem that only seems arrive in the summer months, I'm a sweater & it affects my game in two ways, the first is sweat on my hands that ends up on the ball & when serving, got a towel like most people to wipe my hands & face, my second & biggest problem is the heat & humidity coming off my body seems to make its way to the rubber surface of my bat making it inconsistent in performance, I can run a dry finger accross the rubber & it feels slippery & nothing like the tacky rubber it was when I first started playing, do you have any ideas to better my situation? 

Many thanks shane

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Shane,

The moisture can be a real problem.

The best thing is to use your towel regularly.  Even though the rules say that you can only use your towel every 6 points, in these circumstances the umpire will normally allow you to towel more often.

Use a big towel so that by the ned of the match there are still some dry patches that you can use.  Even use separate towels, one for yourself an done for your bat.  Wipe the moisture off the rubber but try to make sure that the towel isn't too abrasive as this will wear your rubber quicker.

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