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Radim Radim

Radim Radim Asked 5 years ago

Hi guys, first off awesome website and Youtube channel, I love it :-) I'd like to ask, I have been playing for 4 years now every week 2v2's, but these guys never bothered to learn any techniques. So I often end up in a bit awkward situations I have not seen played by pros and I would like to know how to play them. Typically they often don't hit the ball fast when they have the chance, but the problem is, sometimes they do :-D

Lets say my partner plays a chop 4-5 steps behind a table. The chop lands high on opponent side, I expect a smash, so I step back about as far as he did. But they don't smash, they do a normal sort of counterhit and it is a slow ball. Kind of like a lob situation, but it doesn't bounce twice on the table. It bounces once and then goes below table level quickly (because slow ball). Also the ball doesn't have a lot of spin. If I run up to it to play a topspin, it usually ends up in the net and is not consistent (I miss 3-4 / 5 shots).

I haven't played enough training shots to be comfortable with fast unexpected movement + correct shot. Which strokes can be played in this situation (unexpected move forward toward slow low-spin ball) and which one would have highest consistency? On top level would such a ball be always attacked? I can always just hit the ball somehow, but I tend to send it too high on opponent side or to the net if I attempt for lower ball.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Radim,

Thanks for the kind words about the site.

I think for those slower balls you have options.  You can either hit the ball fast if you make good position or you can play a good slower topspin ball.  The key is to be able to move in and stay low with your legs to be able to play a better topspin stroke.  I often see players come in too slowly because the ball is travelling slow.  Then they are not in a good position to make the topspin and end up just poking the ball back on the table.

Focus on the movement first and then playing the best attacking shot you can from there.

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