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Anson Anson

Anson Anson Asked 5 years ago

Good Day,

im having trouble getting my backhand in order. One session my backhand is ripping balls like wow.. next day my backhand is like a newbie.. It is very frustrating but i keep trying to work on it as much as i can.. i play 5-6 days per week and maybe 2-3 hrs per session.

Especially at tournaments, i cant seem to land one backhand nor even backhand roll a service nothing.. maybe confidence? bad technique? concentration? not sure.. one day my backhand was out of this world.. everything i went for came on.. short long hi low.. and bramm.. next session or two its back to square one (1 or 2 backhand loops on the table and dats it..) Need some advice on how i can make my backhand more compact, consistent and maybe develop my backhand into a go to weapon when in tight situations.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Anson,

I think a change in your training routine can help.

Firstly when playing your backhand do it slowly at first and get the real feel of what the stroke feels like when you are doing it well.  You can pick up things like the start and finish positions as well as how the ball feels on contact with your racket.

Then think more about random hitting with both your forehand and backhand.  Often this is the issue when players can't play a stroke in a match situation.

Then also practice the shot under pressure.  Put yourself in tight situations in a training situation.  Something like setting yourself a goal of hitting 6 to 8 shots on the table every rally.  Again this is trying to replicate the pressure of game situation which can change how your backhand feels.

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Anson Anson

Anson Anson Posted 5 years ago

Thanks Alois, will apply to my training and see how it goes.. thanks alot!

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