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Miranda Miranda Alicea

Miranda Miranda Alicea Asked 3 years ago

I am much more consistent and better when I hit the ball at the end of its arch rather than at the highest point. Is it okay to play like this? Should I focus more on hitting back at the top of the arch? I do practice it but in an actual game I end up going back to at the end of the arch. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Miranda,

Hitting the ball slightly later is OK and is a preference.  However, if you hit the ball when it is at it's highest, you will will be able to generate more speed from he higher position.

Hitting it later allows you more time to play the stroke but it also gives your opposition more time as well.

In matches try to adapt and play the ball slightly earlier more often.  It may not happen straight away but you may start to be able to hit the ball earlier.

I often find that players can improve this element by focusing more closely on the ball.  By watching the ball you will pick up the direction, speed and trajectory a little earlier allowing you to react and meet the ball earlier.  In a match situation often our vision becomes a little slower due to stress.

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