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Kenneth Tham

Kenneth Tham Asked 3 years ago

Dear Ping Skills,

When I watch Youtube videos of top players, whenever there is a long but low ball with slight underspin, usually a push or serve, the player will try to execute a topspin attacking stroke on the ball. However, when I try this, it usually ends in the net. Should I continue to attempt this stroke, or just push the ball back, which is a safer stroke, but not really initiating any attacking rallies for me. Is there a progression to practice getting to how the top players get into the rallies by attacking the long pushes consistently? Is it just practice? Thanks.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Kenneth,

I would keep trying to play the topspin stroke.  This is an important element in your development to reach a higher level.  If you play a push stroke off this longer backspin ball you will find the better players will play a strong attacking stroke that will be difficult to counter.

Start with playing topspin off backspin balls in a multi ball or controlled setting where you know where the ball is coming and with much variation.  As you get the feel of this you can add some variables such as position, spin or speed on the feed coming in.

Then start to utilise a serve and push to initiate the rally to make it closer to a game situation.  Then utilise the stroke in some practice matches.  Soon you will gain confidence and be able to use it in important situations.

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