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Andrew Pape

Andrew Pape Asked 10 years ago

Hi Alois,

My feet feel "wrong" when playing forehand topspins (perhaps drives too). I've never learnt proper footwork, but it's odd that my forehand has improved markedly while at the same time my footwork has got worse. Just before a loop, I realise that sometimes I have the right foot leading. I then get discouraged, losing the plot,  and play a shocking shot. I don't know why my footwork has recently gotten worse, as I play regularly. (Note: I'm a right-hander)

A coach pointed out that I should have the left foot leading so I'm always able to play a f/hand. I tried this, but my practice partner has noticed that when I've moved sideways to play a forehand, my front foot comes back and I'm looping too square-on. But I'm even worse now than when playing square on.

I'm wondering how to fix the footwork problem. Maybe if I got my practice partner to play short then deep to my forehand, so I would put the right foot forwards for a push and then take it back for looping the following deep ball?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Andrew,

The footwork issue can be fixed.  It is important to practice the short and long balls often as this is what occurs often in a match situation.

Firstly practice one short push and then a forehand topspin.  Concentrate on moving just your right foot in and out.  Once you feel comfortable doing this you can get your training partner to either push short or long and you need to move the right foot in and out quickly depending on the ball.

Jump in and out pushing off your left leg and moving your right foot excessively at first.  Make sure the right foot gets all the way back each time.  It needs to be behind the line of the left foot. 

PLaying a forehand with your right foot forward will feel really uncoordinated because your body can't move naturally. 

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