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Bob Kennedy

Bob Kennedy Asked 6 years ago

I am using a Donic Alligator Def OX long pips rubber on my backhand.  This rubber comes with a sheet on the blade side, that when peeled off, leaves a sticky surface to the rubber.  My question is what is the correct way of attaching this rubber to the blade?

When I attached this rubber, I did not apply any glue to the rubber or to the blade.  I simply removed the sheet from the rubber and put the sticky rubber straight onto the blade.  Mind you, it was not a new blade and all my previous rubbers have had a sponge and so I had glued the blade a number of times in the past (i.e. it was a "conditioned" blade).  I have been using this rubber for about 12 weeks of pennant competition plus weekend training.  So all up, it has now had over 40 hours of use.  The rubber is holding up well, although in some places, the edges of the rubber is starting to lift off the blade so I will have to replace the rubber or re-glue it soon.

When using sponge backed rubbers, I have usually had longer that this before the rubber has shown any signs of lifting. 

So, I  am wondering if I have attached this OX rubber incorrectly.  For example, should I have glued the blade and/or the rubber before attaching it to the blade.  I have looked at some of your answers regarding gluing OX rubbers, and I am guessing that I am lucky to have a sticky rubber and that the rubber was probably made this way to avoid the need to glue the rubber with the associated "curling" problems.  However, should I have glued the blade?

I look forward to your reply.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Bob,

You don't need to glue that rubber if it is already sticky.

OX rubber is difficult to keep stuck down and often peels up.  If you have lasted 12 weeks you have done well.  You can just stick a little glue under the edges that are coming up now.

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