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rohit gupta

rohit gupta Asked 10 years ago

Hello Sir,

I am unable to play the service with spin.

When the ball touches my bat, ball either goes off the side or touches the net.

So please help me so that I can play these type of services. I am the student and I have the match next month.

Waiting for your response.

Thank you. 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Rohit,

Learning to serve with spin is something that will really start to improve your game.

You first need to get the correct contact on the ball.  Do this by working away from the table.  See if you can get the ball to spin on the floor.  Once you can do this, then you should try to get closer to the table and see if you can get the ball to spin as well.

We have a DVD dedicated to this topic.  You can purchase Serving Secrets Revealed DVD through the site and learn a lot more about serving with spin.

To be able to return serves with spin you need to use your bat like a rudder and counter the spin.  If the ball is going to spin to the left, then you should face your bat to the right so that the ball goes straight back on to the table.  We show you this and many more tips on receiving serves on our Receiving Secrets Revealed DVD.

Good luck with your tournament. 

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