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praveen c

praveen c Asked 1 month ago

Hi, i am praveen playing table tennis for few months with premade racket and planning to buy a custom racket. i did some research and find joola aruna off blade. is it good for intermediate player? i am looking for good control and spin.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 month ago

Hi Praveen,

That sounds like a reasonable option for a blade.  I haven't used one but the specs look OK.

Any others have any suggestions?

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praveen c

praveen c Posted 4 weeks ago

Thanks for reply,

my club players told to search in internet, no suggestions from them. you can also suggest the better one as i mentioned before i am looking for more control and topspin game. Pls suggest good blade and rubber. and i have one more doubt that why people choose different rubber for backhand side?


D K Posted 4 weeks ago

Praveen,I have no experience with Aruna blade,it is not accessible in my location.
This is a carbon blade,so I am not sure whether carbons are good for players with onlya few months of practise..what do you think,Coach Alois? :(

However what I can suggest is series of Donic Golden generation series (Waldner/Persson/Appelgren),Butterfly's Timo Boll series or maybe Yasaka's Extra or Sweden blades. With only a several months of experience,I would not go to too expensive blade,since there is a probability you will change it a lot in your early years. If you have the opportunity,I would strongly recommend you to try to find players who use it and ask them to let you try it.

Generally,even the most aggressive Chinese professionals rather use not extremely fast blades. Still offensive,but not superdupertopspeed.

Regarding the rubbers,I have very good experience with Yasaka Rakza. In contrary,I have very bad experience with Joola,but I am very sensitive and specific player type and I do not want to affect you with my personal opinions too much.
Every player is different and different equipment suits him/Her.

Another suggestable control offensive rubbers I have tried are Tibhar Evolution MX-P,Yasaka Mark-V or slower versions of DOnic's Acuda or Coppa,although they are a bit more expensive in my location,no idea about yours. There is also rubber Victas Limber,which is,though maybe a bit slow. I tested it only once and I know it is used by our best defender,who still has a powerful forehand.

In contrary I will maybe avoid rubbers like Tenergy,Victas V01,Tibhar Aurus line,fast Acudas,Butterfly Bryces etc. There rubbers are very fast and require higher level of control.

Please consider that this is only my personal view,I am not any pro player and I may be wrong.


D K Posted 4 weeks ago

And to your last question,I have read that it is because backhand has different characteristics than forehand.
Chinese coaches recommend using harder rubber on forehand and softer rubber on backhand,because forehand is usually more power-oriented and the harder rubbers have more use there,whereas backhand,where your power is more limited,the control is more important,and since you always have shorter swing on the backhand and your body use is also limited,you need more spin ability (unless you are pimpler,which is not recommended to try on long-term until you have basic strokes learned properly). Human body usually lacks power to use hard rubber effectively in offense on the backhand. That is the official explanation I read from some Chinese coaches.

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