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felix Oak

felix Oak Asked 1 year ago

Some people clean the bat every time they use it while some people don't clean it at all.

When and how much should you clean you racket?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 1 year ago

Hi Felix,

Clean it whenever it gets some dust on it.

Also clean it before you put it away.

Dust and heat are the worst things for rubber.

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Neville Young

Neville Young Posted 1 year ago

This is a really interesting subject.

When I first started playing there were a considerable number of players still using pimple bats. I observed players using nail brushes and water to clean their bats.

Later on when, reversed pimple bats really came into vogue, a lot of people used water and paper towel or cloths to clean their bats.

Next came methylated spirits. I didn’t use it as I was told it caused rubbers to harden and become slippery. Though plenty of people swore by its effectiveness.

Spray cleaners came next, they worked really well but a chemical called toluene was used. After concerning health risks were raised about toluene, spray foam cleaners were introduced. I used them after every game.

Over recent years, other cleaners were introduced. Spin Max was available and worked really well, but questions were asked about it legitimacy. It is still sold so perhaps it is OK.

Nowadays I use foam cleaner about once a month and a nice clean damp sponge after every game.

It might just be me, but since the introduction of the plastic ball I have noticed an increase in the white marks on the face of my bat during games. Nowadays, I use hot humid breath and fingers to get rid of them during a game.

Make sure you use plastic covers to protect the rubbers, as exposure to air greatly speeds up the hardening and lack of grip of your rubbers. I think this is the most important thing you can do to prevent premature aging of bat rubbers. They are becoming really expensive, so it makes sense to protect your investment.

Neville Young

Neville Young Posted 1 year ago


Don't keep your bat in your car, even for a day . Disastrous!!!!!!!

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