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John Kao

John Kao Asked 7 months ago


Once I watched your video on how to serve the tomahawk, I was in love already. I use it 1/3 of the time when I play matches. But, how do I disguise the topspin or backspin on the Tomahawk?

Thanks, John

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 months ago

Hi John,

The main thing is to tilt the bat either over or under the ball to generate the topspin or the backspin.  You will always have some sidespin on the ball as a result of the Tomahawk action.

In the tutorial Tomahawk Serve we go through how to generate the topspin and backspin and disguise it.It is a lot to do with starting and finishing the serve in a similar position for all of the Tomahawk serves but just changing the contact position of the serve.


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