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john dowd

john dowd Asked 2 years ago


Im a recreational player (although I think Id like to join a club).  Anyway I recently bought a Palio Legend 3.0 and I love it.  I know its technically a premade racquet but I figured it was part way to getting my first custom racquet.  Anyways as I said I really like the speed and control I have with it and Im getting much more spin etc.  Eventually I think id like to move up to a better custom racquet but there's almost no information on specs for the blade that is used in the Palio Legend 3.0 other than its a 5 ply wooden blade so its hard to compare.  Ive looked at Yinhe Earth 3 which is supposed to be much like the Stiga Offensive Classic. Both are All + to Off - 5 ply blades with some flex.  Do you think they would be a nice upgrade with similar specs?  

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi John,

That you have is a good option for a first bat. 

All of those options are reasonable.

We also have the PingSkills Touch with Mark V rubber which would be ideal as a step up to the next level after the bat you have.

The main thing is to get something that is not too fast at this stage and also that will last you a while with your development.

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