Show #360 - Happy Holidays!

2 years ago

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We hope you're all having a great holidays and that you will enjoy our latest episode.

Let Serve

Erwin - What happens if the opponent serves and hits the net and for some obscure reason the receiver hit the ball before it bounces on the table? It seems the ball was going to be ON the table.

Serves with Short and Long Pimples

Rodrigo - What are the forehand serves with short pips ox and backhand serves with long pips ox?

Touch Block

Dan - I would like to ask, how to deal the "touch" block? I played against a player who, when I used offensive stroke, just gently touched the ball, even slightly retracting the bat during the impact. That causes the block to be quite short ball with no spin or little spin depending on the angle of retraction, falling just behind the edge. I can use this stroke as well,but I havent found a way how to counter it. When I perform a spin-focused loop,it tends to be high and the opponent smashes it, as there is no strong backspin on the incoming ball. But when I go only slightly forward with my stroke or when I attempt a flip-like stroke, it is usually net-out ball, as it is too short for power-oriented loop, but too long for a flip. I hit the edge of table several times in an attempt to attack that block. What should I do with this stroke?

The adjustment from 21 point games to 11 points

Larry - I am 60 years old and played a lot 35 or so years ago. When they changed from 21 point games to 11 how did most players adapt? What was done to change the mental part of knowing the games are over quicker?  I was not playing table tennis when the rule changed.

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