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D K Asked 2 years ago

Greetings Team,
I would like to ask,how to deal the "touch" block?
I played against a player who, when I used offensive stroke, just gently touched the ball, even slightly retracting the bat during the impact. That causes the block to be quite short ball with no spin or little spin depending on the angle of retraction, falling just behind the edge. I can use this stroke as well,but I havent found a way how to counter it.

When I perform a spin-focused loop,it tends to be high and the opponent smashes it,as there is no strong backspin on the incoming ball. But when I go only slightly forward with my stroke or when I attempt a flip-like stroke,it is usually net-out ball,as it is too short for power-oriented loop,but too long for a flip. I hit the edge of table several times in an attempt to attack that block.
What should I do with this stroke ?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Dan,

If they are using the softer block all the time then staying closer to the table is the first thing to focus on. Often players stay back after making a topspin when they are playing Touch blocks, rather than moving in closer to the table.

The other thing to do is to use variation of your own.  If you can get them to move sideways as well as in and out by placing the ball well with your topspin, then you will create an opportunity for yourself to make a stronger ball.

You need to generate your own speed when playing against this type of player.  Come more forwards with your stroke to generate that pace.

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D K Posted 2 years ago

I know I should get closer,though I was in situation where going close enough meant to touch the table wth right hip. While touching it with left hip,I was swinging with deformed arm or about 5 inches behind the ball. The most difficult problem was how to get the ball over the net. If I was too far,i would just hitting the ball over the table,but majority of my balls were net-out or high balls.

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