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Erwin lovesplayingtt

Erwin lovesplayingtt Asked 2 years ago

If you hit the ball over the table before its bounces -> it's a fault

What happens if the oppenent serves and hits the net and for some obscure reason ( :-) ) the receiver hit the ball before it bounces on the table. It seems the ball was going to be ON the table.

What is the outcome?

1. the umpire will say it's a let and the serve will have to be done over again

2. the point will be awarded to the server because the receiver has hit the ball in mid-air

additional: would it be the same answer if the ball hits the net after serve, is being hit over the table before the bounce and is regarded as going out of bounds if it would not be touched.

Tricky or simple answer.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 years ago

Hi Erwin,

If the ball hits the net and then you hit it before it bounces on your side of the table but you hit it over the table then it is a Let... It doesn't matter if the ball was not going to bounce on the table, what matters is where the receiver hits the ball.

If you hit it after it goes off the end of the table then it is a Fault and it is your point.  

The actual rule states:

2.09.01  The rally shall be a let  if in service the ball, in passing over or around the net assembly, touches it, provided the service is otherwise correct or the ball is obstructed by the receiver or his or her partner; 


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Halena Janie

Halena Janie Posted 2 years ago

Hi I am new at this forum. I'm just starting tennis. Thankyou so much for sharing the tips.

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