Show #358 - World Championships Recap

1 year ago

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The World Championships are over! We discuss the interesting results and as always, answer your table tennis questions. Enjoy the show!

Stiga Octagon Blade

Jasper - I heard stiga created a new blade which the hitting surface looks like an octagon. What do you think of this? Any advantages or disadvantages of using this blade?

Long Pimples for Defensive Players

Kenneth - Why do defensive players use long pimples rubber for their backhand? Is it easier to control the ball when doing a backhand chop? I tried using short pimples rubber to do a backhand chop but find it also quite difficult to control the placement of the ball. Normally  I use inverted rubbers on both sides.

Forehand Counterhit

Spinny - I have a fairly consistent, fast counterhit; but I finish past my left eyebrow. If I stop near my left eyebrow, the ball rarely goes over the net; it just makes the stroke vertical, without much forward motion. I don't finish much past my left eyebrow, but it might become a problem at higher levels. I try to stop by my left eyebrow but the stroke doesn't work as well as it does when I stop past my eyebrow. How might I fix this, and what might be wrong?

Playing Against Odd Rubber

Mehul - How to play against medium pips, particularly Dr. Neubauer killer and super anti butterfly. My daughter is state level player. We are from Baroda, Gujarat, India. She doesn't have much practice against odd rubber. She repeatedly lost against players with odd rubber. So i want to give pratice with odd rubber. I will play with her with odd rubber. So please guide her how to play against both rubber.

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Forehand Counterhit