Show #355 - Jeff's Rant

2 years ago

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If you manage to listen until the end of the show then I wish to apologise now for Jeff's rant! Otherwise I believe it was a good show where as usual we answered some interesting table tennis questions, gave you our tip of the week, and even threw in a few funny jokes.

2 Sided Penhold

Andy - Hi coach, at the professional level, why aren't there many 2-sided penhold players winning major tournaments i.e. world cup, olympics? Are there any inherent deficiencies to playing with a 2-sided penhold style?

Non Hitting Arm

I play right handed. Would the swinging/use of my left arm up help with greater rotational torque? I see some players (video) swing/move their non-hitting arm along with hitting the ball.

Does Cold Weather Destroy My Rubbers?

Kevin - I usually play at room temperature. I currently don’t have a table tennis table available (due to the pandemic) so I built one (why not?). I currently have no room inside the garage, so the only option for me is to play in a fairly large shed with lots of space. I live in northern Sweden, where the winters are cold, latley it has been -10 degrees c (14 degrees f), so I'm wondering if it is safe to play in cold weather without destroying my rubbers.

Find Tutorial Sessions on PingSkills

Harold - When you tell us to watch something from previous tutorials, such as session 6, how can we find it?

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