Show #353 - Are J-Pen Players Disappearing?

2 years ago

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Are J-Pen players disappearing? We answer this and more in today's ask the coach show. Jeff tells a joke that he finds amusing and Alois provides us with a tip of the week that many people may not have thought about. Enjoy the show!

Training 4-5 Year Old Kids

Vinod - Firstly thank you for bringing an excellent training portal for table tennis. It is useful to train my 9 year old daughter and for myself to enhance my skills. Can I request you to provide few basic videos how to start training my 4 year old son. Just to get feeling of ball.

Staying Down

Andy - Are there any exercises or contraption that help me staying down until the point is over?

Sweat on Ball During Rally

A player mishits the ball because of sweat present on the ball and claims a Let. Should the Umpire call a Let or award a point to the opponent because it was noticed after the rally?

J-Pen Limitations

Why is j-pen never used anymore in this modern era of table tennis?

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