Show #347 - Who am I?

3 years ago

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We introduce another new and exciting segment to the podcast today! It's called "Who am I". We will be giving you a clue as to who the mystery table tennis player is and if you correctly guess you will go into the draw to win either a one month PingSkills premium membership or 1 hour of online coaching. We also answer the following table tennis questions:

Backhand Block

Pedro - I have trouble in blocking a strong top spin loop into my backhand corner. I find it more difficult against spinny slow and high loop than with fast, less spinny strokes. In fact, what I find is more challenging is all the body to ball coordination, and the timings, but also finding the right moment when to meet the the ball after the bounce. Sometimes I try to turn and counter with a FH topspin, which is effective when it works but risky. I feel that I prefer this risk though, than to try the BH block, which I feel is just a passive stroke from my side, and often the ball goes over the table.

Forehand Counterhit

Atharva - Sir I cant really get better in Forehand Counterhit. Either the ball stuck in net or get off table. Sir please suggest some drill or practise to master it.

Blade Question

John - Im a recreational player (although I think Id like to join a club).  Anyway I recently bought a Palio Legend 3.0 and I love it.  I know its technically a premade racquet but I figured it was part way to getting my first custom racquet.  Anyways as I said I really like the speed and control I have with it and Im getting much more spin etc.  Eventually I think id like to move up to a better custom racquet but there's almost no information on specs for the blade that is used in the Palio Legend 3.0 other than its a 5 ply wooden blade so its hard to compare.  Ive looked at Yinhe Earth 3 which is supposed to be much like the Stiga Offensive Classic. Both are All + to Off - 5 ply blades with some flex.  Do you think they would be a nice upgrade with similar specs?

The Best

Robert - I'm sure you've been asked this before, however in a serious match (best of 7) with Jeff, who comes out on top?

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