Show #345 - Getting On

3 years ago

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We have a big show for you today where we discuss many topics including World Table Tennis and getting older! There's all the usual segments and of course we answer your table tennis questions!

How to Hit the Ball with Power

Vic -  I am a penholder. How can I hit the ball with power? It seems when I play with friends I found that my strokes are not powerful enough.

Attacking a Low Backspin Serve

Ryan - Is it possible to attack a low backspin serve which is on the table? I can Flick the ball backhand when it bounces a little bit over the net. But, I tend to lift it or push it when I get a low backspin serve.

Winning the Toss

Jasper - Normally when winning the toss, I heard the player normally would choose to receive first but why?

Backhand Smash

Jasper - My friend says that he think he can do backhand smashes but he missed pretty much every backhand smash then i told him that it isn't reliable but he still wants to try backhand smashes. What should I say to him?

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