Show #336 - Bat, Paddle, Racket, or Racquet

3 years ago

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In this show we have all our regular segments plus we discuss in depth 5 of your questions. One of them leads us to discuss what is the correct term for the thing you hit the ball with. Enjoy the show.

Push With Less Backspin

Ardak - Sometimes my opponents return pushes with less backspin to confuse me. I feel there are still some backspins in such returns. So I return them by push or do topspin against backspin. If I push such ball it will be easy to answer by loop. If I do topspin then ball often goes off the table. What do you suggest?


Dai - Can you give me some irrregular drills and regular & freeplay drills.


Jason - I struggle winning when it’s 10-10 or a deuce. It pressures me too much and I don’t know how to win a deuce. Is there any idea to help me?

Paddle Maintenance

Nancy - Maybe you’ve already covered this somewhere, but I’m wondering about paddle maintenance— do you use any special cleaner, and is it true you should replace the rubbers twice a year? Any other tips?


Jason - When I watch table tennis, I see a lot of table tennis tennis players grunting during the contact point like Dimitrij, grunt like OO AHH. I heard it make your stroke more lifestyle with the inhale and it gives a certain breathing pattern. Is this true?

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