Show #307 - The 2018 Commonwealth Games

4 years ago

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This week we have a special show where Alois talks about his experiences at the 2018 Commonwealth Games! We also have our usual segments so enjoy the show.

Joke of the Week - 0:58

What did the Alien say to the garden?

On This Week - 1:45

Vladimir Samsonov turns 42!

Tournament Wrap - 4:53

2018 Commonwealth Games

2018 Asian Cup

Tip and Drill of the Week - 26:30

Preparation is the key. Think about your next important matches and work out what you need to do between now and then to prepare yourself for it (training, mental preparation, nutrition, research)

Basic No Spin Serve - 30:28

Owen: I need some tips for a basic no spin serve. I'm just learning it and it always seems to have topspin.

Dealing with Long Fast Serve - 33:07

Krishnagopal: Today, I played with one of my play buddies. He served a long fastball to the corner. How to deal with those. As it was a serve, I didn't know where he would serve long, short, left, right. Hence I stood in the neutral stand around a foot back from the edge of the table. I tried to loop the ball with topspin or counter hit the ball. The ball either went into the net or outside the table. I am very much frustrated. I want to know how can I return the ball in the best possible way.

Moving Faster - 35:33

Ashish: Hey Alois,

I have a problem with moving around the table. I believe I am slow and not able to cover the table quickly. Can you share few tips to have the faster movements and improved coverage? 

Serving off the Side - 38:00

Oslo: Alois, Am I allowed to hit the ball off the sides when serving the ball?

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