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Krishnagopal Thogiti

Krishnagopal Thogiti Asked 6 years ago

Today, I played with one of my play buddies. He served a long fastball to the corner. How to deal with those. As it was a serve, I didn't know where he would serve long, short, left, right. Hence I stood in the neutral stand around a foot back from the edge of the table. 

I tried to loop the ball with topspin or counter hit the ball. The ball either went into the net or outside the table. I am very much frustrated.

I want to know how can I return the ball in the best possible way.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Krishnagopal,

This is normal. It is good that you are standing in a central position to cover all four options.  The next thing is to make sure you are watching the ball from the server's hand.  This watching will give you a little more time to see where the ball is coming.  The if it is long, you should make a simple topspin stroke to return the ball.  Don't try to make a big stroke, just use the speed of the serve to return the ball.

We do have a tutorial on something similar to this. Returning the flat long serve.  If yo look in the Intermediate Receiving section in particular you will see a few options there for video answers.



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