Show #299 - When to Pivot

6 years ago

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Another classic joke, some great tips for you to work on, and some really interesting questions including when should you pivot. Enjoy the show!

Joke of the Week - 2:05

A teacher asks who will give me the chemical formula for water?

On This Week - 2:58

Ariel Hsing's Birthday

Tournament Wrap - 6:51

The World Junior Table Tennis Championships

Tip of the Week - 11:27

Keep your head still.

Drill of the Week - 12:56

Practice your partner hitting the ball anywhere on the table to you, but focus on keeping your head still and move as little as possible.

Backhand or Pivot Forehand - 16:16

Chandrachur: When should I use my backhand to attack and when else should I pivot and attack with my forehand instead. Although with my forehand I can generate more speed I can at many times not pivot fast enough. I am equally good at my backhand and my forehand.

Setting Goals - 19:54

David: I was wondering how you would suggest setting measurable goals in table tennis? If you had a goal to improve your forehand loop, or short push, how would you measure improvement?  Can you please suggest some examples of good goals to have in table tennis?  Thanks for all you do.  Its greatly appreciated.

Flick vs Counterhit - 24:18

Aaron: I was watching how to do the forehand flick and i noticed they bring their arm backwards a little and tilt their wrist also backwards when preparing, then the stroke is to brush forward and up on the ball (similar to drawing a 'V'), with some wrist. But what is the importance of those action? Because could I maybe attack the ball by simply doing a SHORT forehand counterhit/drive stroke (while also stepping under the table). It seems to produce similar results. So why is the forehand flick stroke the way it is and could I use short forehand drive stroke to attack the incoming short ball?

Sponge Thickness - 27:36

Hin: My friend is in the level between beginner and intermediate, he has good enough feel for spin and spin, but he wants to develop the feel more. His rubber has been totally worn off and would like to replace with a new rubber, would a 2.1mm sponge be suitable?

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