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David Mckenzie

David Mckenzie Asked 5 years ago

I was wondering how you would suggest setting measurable goals in table tennis? If you had a goal to improve your forehand loop, or short push, how would you measure improvement?  Can you please suggest some examples of good goals to have in table tennis?  Thanks for all you do.  Its greatly appreciated.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi David,

If you are looking at technical goals then you can check how many you can do as a percentage.

For example you can wanted to check your forehand loop you can set up a drill of serve, your partner receives the ball with a push and then you make a loop.  Do it 10 times and see how many times you are successful with the loop.  You can also extend that to a match situation.  Get someone to check how many times you make your forehand loop successfully in a match situation compared to how many times you miss it.  You can set yourself a percentage target to reach as your goal.

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Thoughts on this question

David Mckenzie

David Mckenzie Posted 5 years ago

Thanks for all your help.  That makes a lot of sense. After I posted the question, I was thinking about it myself.  I thought you could measure whether or not you do the things that lead to improvement.  For example shadow play, or multiball. I have training tomorrow, so I will look forward to trying out your suggestion.  Thanks again!!

Nigel C

Nigel C Posted 5 years ago

If I knew someone was counting good shots v bad shots it would affect how I played. I'd have to get them to be discreet so I couldn't see them counting! Ignoring my particular issues, I take it if you counted the good v bad shots in matches and training it would also be a guide to how well you transfer training performance to matches. It would be a positive thing to be able to measure that improvement.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 5 years ago

Hi Nigel,

Yes I think that transfer into a match is ultimately what we are looking for.  We also talked about this on the podcast Show #299 - When to Pivot.

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