Show #292 - Pre Match Routines

5 years ago

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Could developing a pre-match routine help you prepare better for matches? We discuss this plus all our regular segments in this edition of the ask the coach table tennis show.

From This Week - 2:01

Jang Woojin Birthday

Joke of the Week - 4:20

What happens to a frog's car when it breaks down?

Tip of the Week - 5:05

Psychology - Pre Match routine

Drill of the Week - 11:46

Develop your Pre match routine.

Tournament Wrap - 16:28

European Teams Championships

Training to Tournament - 20:53

Tam: Hi Alois, I've recently come back from a camp playing some of the best stuff in my career then just last week i went to the UK school games to play a competition. I felt confident I was going to win it because of the stuff i played at camp, but i was really tense and nervous during every game, technique went out the window, and lost to players a lot lower ranked. It was quite embarrassing for my team to see me go through such an ordeal. Could you explain why this happens and how i can change this?

Match Strategy - 25:22

Shrihari: I cannot beat my neighbour who is 21 years old, can you tell me how to find that man's weakness, At least I wanna beat him once.

Balance After 3rd Ball - 28:26

Arpith: The problem that I'm facing is that i end up doing everything right till the third ball attack but after that i end up out of position to play the next shot and respond late with an easy return for the opponent. What can i do to play that extra ball in the rallies?

Faster Equipment - 30:29

Chandrachur: I have always wanted the maximum spin and control from my bat. But there is one more parameter i.e. speed. I don't know why it is useful. If I want more speed I can always make the stroke faster. If I get a good advantageous ball (which is easy to hit hard) in the rally, the speed that I can generate with a slow blade and rubber is so fast that the ball will be in the other side in an instant. It is even difficult to see the ball. Why do we want to make it any faster? It already is almost impossible to return at that speed (unless you have luckily placed your bat where the ball is going to land unknowingly). If you love faster blades/rubbers, please share me the advantages you had while playing a match with it.

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