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Tam Eastwood

Tam Eastwood Asked 6 years ago

Hi Alois, I've recently come back from a camp in Slovakia playing some of the best stuff in my career then just last week i went to the UK school games to play a competion.

I felt confident I was going to win it because of the stuff i played abroad at camp, but i was really tense and nervous during every game, technique went out the window, and lost to players alot lower ranked. It was quite embarrassing for my team to see me go through such an ordeal.

Could you explain why this happens and how i can change this in preparation for the Belgian para open in october? Are you going to Belgium also? Thanks


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Belgium,

This is all part of natural progression.

A lot has to do with tension and expectations.  After your training camp you felt great and probably went in to the tournament with high expectations.

Each match is new and you need to think about the basics in that match.  If you are thinking that you should be playing well because you played or trained well this will lead to lack of concentration on what is really important.

Take a look again at the Sports Psychology section.  Start with the video on Recognise Your Feelings and then progress from there.

Make sure you are working on things like your pre-point routine and your breathing to maintain relaxation during matches.

I am not going to Belgium this year but good luck.  I will keep an eye out for results.


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