Show #285 - The Importance of Linking

6 years ago

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Today in the show we're going to be talking about the importance of linking your strokes together. We'll have our regular segments and of course answer your table tennis questions.

On This Day - 1:05

18th June - Father’s Day in U.S.

20th June - Ding Ning's Birthday

Joke of the Week - 3:10

Why can't you trust an atom?

Tip of the Week - 3:52

Linking strokes in set patterns

Drill of the Week -  6:45

The PingSkills Drill

Tournament Wrap - 9:07

Japan Open results and upcoming tournaments

Do We Need to Practice Strong Shots? - 17:55

Chandrachur: Hello Aloi. My partner is asking me to not hit the ball very hard in training. He says that if we can hit the ball slowly with the basic movement correct then we will face no trouble in tournaments attacking the ball fast. All we need to do is make the stroke bigger and faster. Do you feel he is correct, or we must practice attacking separately too. I think that we should practice attacking or else it may create problems in serious matches.

Backhand Flick Against Heavy Chop - 20:03

Umesh: I am thankful to your advice to keep practicing only SERVE with full focus and I have been doing it religiously for the last five months & owing to it my game as well as confidence level is improved. Now I request you to guide me for the backhand flick against heavy chop.

Hitting the Table When Serving - 22:58

What happens when the person serving hits the table with his bat making a loud noise? I find this happens quite a bit and it is off putting.

Rakza 7 vs Tenergy - 24:26

I have use Rakza7 1,8mm FH and Yasaka x soft 1,8 BH. Now I'm thinking to try something else. How are Tenergy rubbers for not pro player? I mean what is the best choice? Is Tenergy 05 faster than Rakza 7?

Links in this Episode

Japan Open

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