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Tim Hunger

Tim Hunger Asked 3 weeks ago

Do you guys or does anyo ne of your know which equipment Zhang Xielin uses? I have found some newer pictures of him (when I did searches for him in Chinese) I could never realize which one it is. Thanks in advance.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Tim,

Sorry I don't know.  Hopefully one of our readers knows.

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D K Posted 3 weeks ago

While I do not know what rubber exactly he used,I read somewhere that he used a normal inverted rubber,but he glued it upside-down so that he had the pimple side outwards.
But I do not knwo whether it is true.

Tim Hunger

Tim Hunger Posted 3 weeks ago

ThanThanks for your information D K

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