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David Valdez

David Valdez

Last updated on 11-Jun-2013 06:09:56 AM


I have been playing TT for half a year now (and love it) and I am ready to buy my first custom built paddle.  I love Stiga equipment and been collecting anything that has Stiga on it. LOL

As I am still training and leaning towards Stiga Rosewood NCT VII.  I been reading that Yasaka Mark V is a great rubber for beginners, so I was wondering if you have any suggestion on Stiga product that is equal or better than the Mark V rubber.  I developing to be a offensive player but still need a rubber that has good control to help me improve my skills before I move into the more advance rubber.


Alois Rosario

and Alois Rosario said...

Hi David,

If you are looking for something the same as Mark V you won't find it, but something close is probably Stiga Mendo. 

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Debo :

Debo : commented...

on the 08-Aug-2011 05:36:25 PM
Stiga Mendo has less spin than Mark V, but more consistent on linear hits.  For a developing player, Mark V is better than  Stiga Mendo (IMO).  Best option - blade Stiga Offensive Classic or Stiga Allround Classic with Mark V (Comparatively High Through Angle) on FH and Sriver EL on BH (Comparatively Low Through Angle).
Abdusalam Green

Abdusalam Green, a premium member said...

on the 11-Jun-2013 06:09:56 AM

Would there be any advantage to having the Mendo on one side and the Mk V on the other?

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